Question:  How do I transfer service?

Answer:    Please call our office between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday- Friday. A non-refundable $25 service charge will be applied to your first months billing.

Question:  Can I get an extension on my bill?

Answer:     Yes. If you can’t pay your bill before disconnection of service, an extension form may be completed at our office or over the phone. All penalties and handling fees are still added to your account. The form requires you to give a date and time when your payment can be expected.

Question:  Can I make a payment plan?

Answer:     Yes. Time payments are available for customers with high water bills due to leaks. After completing a form at our office, you will have a certain amount due by a designated day every month. All penalties are credited unless time payments and current water billings are not paid by the designated due date.

Question:  Where is my water shut-off valve?

Answer:     In the event of an emergency, it might be necessary to turn off the main water valve coming into your home. It is important that everyone know where their main water shut-off valve is located. In most homes, it is located on the   basement wall where the water line first enters the house. The shut-off valve is the first valve on the pipe.

Question:  Do you have an adjustment policy for leaks?

Answer:     Yes. If you find leak in your line or inside your home have it repaired and contact our office for more details.

Question:  Why do I have low water pressure?

Answer:     Many factors influence pressure, including elevation, line size, and system demand. If you have a question about your water pressure, please call our office.

Question:  How can I pay my bill?

Answer:     Payments can be made in person at:

Clermont County Water Resources Department
4400 Haskell Ln.
Batavia, OH 45103

By Mail:

Clermont County Sewer District
Location 00515
Cincinnati, OH 45264-0001

Credit card/debit card/e-check payment options:

First Billing Services charges a convenience fee to process payments

Question:  What is Highest Winter Usage (HWU)?

Answer:     HWU established individually by account on an annual basis.  Read periods from January-April are Winter Usage bills.  The larger consumption of the customers’ two winter bills sets the HWU for that customer for the following period (May-December).  Winter usage for new customers without a winter billing is automatically established at 15,000 gallons.

Question:  What if I fill a pool?

Answer:     The sewer charges will be based on your HWU.  The water charges will be based on the water usage.

Question:  How often is my water meter read?

Answer:     Approximately every sixty days.

Question:  What are the steps for changing from septic to public sewer?

Answer:   Click here to view the General Health District’s web page on this topic.