March 7, 2022

Newtonsville Project Archive Information

Property Owner Notice to Recommendation to Proceed

Assessment Projects Financial Assistance and Funding Options

Newtonsville Gravity Sewer Redesign 100% Drawings

Resolution DTP No 012-20 & Assessment Roll 1/15/2020

Public Hearing Notice 12/3/2019

Newtonsville Assessment Roll 9/27/2019

Public Information Meeting 7/30/2019

Cover Letter and Informational Packet 7-30-2019

Newtonsville Assessment over 40 Years

Newtonsville Redesign Concept Overview Drawings: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Newtonsville Redesign Letter To Residents 6/26/2018

Newtonsville Assessment Roll as Presented at Public Information Meeting 3/13/2018

Public Information Meeting 3/13/2018:  Meeting Letter

Public Information Meeting 3/13/2018:  Comment Sheet

Public Information Meeting 3/13/2018:  Water Resources Department Presentation

Public Information Meeting 3/13/2018:  Public Health Presentation

Newtonsville WWTP and Collection System Design Drawings 9-12-2017

Newtonsville Engineering Report

Newtonsville Assessment Roll for Public Hearing September 25, 2017

Public Hearing Legal Notice and Sample Property Owner Notification September 25, 2017


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