New Water Installations


At the time you purchase a contract (permit) for water service from the Clermont County Sewer District, you will be provided with a blue-tipped wooden stake.  This stake is for you to mark the location where you wish to have your new water service installed.  A typical location would be along the road frontage approximately thirteen (13) feet from the curb or edge of pavement.  Meters will be set at existing grade unless a final grade mark is placed on the stake.  ANY CHANGE IN GRADE AFTER THE INSTALLATION, RESULTING IN ADJUSTMENT TO THE METER SETTING, WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL EXPENSE TO THE PROPERTY OWNER!  Meters must be set in a grassy area and may not be located in a driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, or subjected to vehicular traffic.  The stake is still required even if the house service line is already installed.  Final connection to a service line may be completed by our installation crews, provided the line is Type K copper of a size equivalent to the meter setting.  PLASTIC LINES WILL NOT BE CONNECTED!  Please be advised that any connection on the house side of the meter by our crews is done strictly as a courtesy and any repairs are still the full responsibility of the owner.

If you are ready for service at the time you purchase the Contract, place the stake immediately.  You have two options for scheduling the installation of your meter. Call our Waterworks Division (732-7970) or complete the form below to advise us of your readiness.  YOU MUST CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE INSTALLATION OF YOUR METER!   This will enable the Waterworks Division to obtain any required permits and have underground utilities marked so installation can be scheduled.  If you wish to wait for service, simply do not place the stake until you are ready.  When you are ready, place the stake in your yard and contact us to schedule installation.  Please allow approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks for scheduling.  Your cooperation will help us to install your service in a timely and efficient manner.

Billing will start when meter is set unless other arrangements are made at time of purchase.

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Revised February 2, 2016