Sewer Use Rates

Click here to download a PDF of our Water and Sewer Rates.

Rates are effective as of July 1, 2015.

New Water and Sewer Rates will be effective May 1, 2021 (Click here for the new rates effective May 1, 2021)

The charges for sewer service provided by the District shall be based on the amount of metered water used, as established by the Board pursuant to the following methodology:


Sewer Rates:

The charges for and the amount to be paid for sewer services, as determined by metering of the water or waste discharge, shall be computed in accordance with the following:

Minimum Sewer Service Charges:

All sewer service branches or connections shall be subject to a minimum bi-monthly charge based on the size of the water meter or on the number of residential units served by one meter, whichever is greater, as set forth in the following table:

Meter Size Bi-Monthly Usage included in minimum Bi-Monthly Minimum Charges Rate per 1000 gallons
3/4″ Residential 5,000 gallons $22.20 $4.44
3/4″ Commercial 8,000 gallons $35.52 $4.44
1″ 20,000 gallons $88.80 $4.44
1 1/2″ 40,000 gallons $177.60 $4.44
2″ 64,000 gallons $284.16 $4.44
3″ 128,000 gallons $568.32 $4.44
4″ 200,000 gallons $888.00 $4.44
6″ 400,000 gallons $1,776.00 $4.44
8″ 640,000 gallons $2,841.00 $4.44
10″ 920,000 gallons $4,084.00 $4.44
Multifamily per residential unit 5,000 gallons per unit $22.20 per unit $4.44

Sewer Rates for consumption’s in excess of minimum:

Usage Range Rate per 1000 Gallons Usage
Over minimum $4.44

Seasonal Billings

Seasonal billing periods are established for residential users to provide an equitable means of billing sewer charges during summer months.

  1. Sewer bills issued for read periods in May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December are to be Summer Cap bills
  2. Sewer bills issued for read periods in January, February, March and April are to be Winter Usage bills.
  3. Summer Cap bills shall not be less than minimum. Summer Cap bills shall not exceed highest Winter Usage bill of that year. Highest Winter Usage is to be established annually.
  4. During non-summer periods, read periods January through April, sewer billing will be based on the actual metered volume of water used or waste discharged by a customer or the appropriate minimum for a non-metered customer.
  5. Summer Cap for new residential customers is to be established during their first full bi-monthly billing period.