Standards and Provisions

Rules and Regulations (Effective 5-1-2024 with New Water and Sewer Fees): Download all articles and schedules as one complete file her

The Water Resources Department’s standards and provisions are organized in seven articles. Each article focuses on a different aspect of water use, water regulation, construction, user fees, and district enforcement of regulations.

If you are not sure which article you are seeking, check the table of contents to help you in your search.

Table of Contents  – describes what is contained in each of the seven articles.

Article I  – contains information about the district’s authority, user charges, construction standards, and information disclosure requirements.

Article II  – outlines the definitions and abbreviations used by the district.

Article III  – discusses district construction including the use of private funds, construction by private entities, and special provisions.

Article IV – details the control of waste water discharge, discharge prohibitions and limitations, reporting discharges, and enforcement.

Article V  – discusses the standards for the construction of water mains and service connections.

Article VI  – includes district accounting and user rates and fees.

Article VII  – describes the enforcement of district regulations including cease and desist orders, nuisance notices, termination of service, and falsifying information.

Schedules 1-11

Schedule 12 – Sewer Tapper’s Bond

Standard Specifications

The Clermont County Water Resources Department provides access to the standard specifications for water and sewer infrastructure being installed within the County.

If you are uncertain which section you need or are looking for a certain document, please refer to the Table of Contents link.

Table of Contents  (updated 2-20-2024)

Standard Specifications (updated 2-20-2024)

Appendix A – Suggested Sewage Flow Guide

Standard Drawings

This page provides access to the standard drawings for water and sewer infrastructure being installed within the Clermont County Water Resources Department. Click on the section of interest below to view the drawings within that section.

Download a PDF of All of the Drawings Here (updated 1-22-2024)
or Individual AutoCAD Files Below.


G1.1 Keyblock Anchors for Water or Sewer Mains on Steep Slopes (AutoCAD)

G1.2 Creek Crossing Concrete Encasement Detail (AutoCAD)

G1.3 Concrete Blocking for Pipe Fittings on Water & Force Mains (AutoCAD)


W1.0 General Standard Notes (AutoCAD)

W1.1 Gate and Butterfly Valves (AutoCAD)

W1.2 Valve Restraint Blocking (AutoCAD)

W2.1 Fire Hydrant Layout and Assembly (AutoCAD)

W3.1 Detector Check Valve Assembly (AutoCAD)

W3.2 Domestic Meters Assembly 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″  (AutoCAD)

W3.2.1 Meter Box Detail  5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″ (AutoCAD)

W3.3 Domestic Meters Assembly 1 1/2″ and 2″ (AutoCAD)

W3.3.1 Meter Box Detail  1 1/2″ and 2″ (AutoCAD)

W3.4 Water Service Connection Detail (AutoCAD)

W4.1 Fire Protection with Detector Check (AutoCAD)

W4.2 Dual Service Branch Setting- Domestic Meters< 2″ (AutoCAD)

W4.3 3″ and Larger Standard Meter Pit Arrangement (AutoCAD)

W4.4 Dual Service Branch Setting- Meters> 3″  (AutoCAD)

W4.5 Standard Water System Chamber  (AutoCAD)

W4.6 Chamber Access Ladder  (AutoCAD)

W5.1 Water Main Trench Section  (AutoCAD)

W5.2 Water Main Lowering Detail  (AutoCAD)

W6.1 Isolation/Access Valve and Manhole (AutoCAD)


S1.1 Standard Manhole for Sewers 8″ to 18″  (AutoCAD)

S1.2 Standard Manhole for Sewers 21″ to 36″  (AutoCAD)

S1.3 Standard Manhole for Sewers> 42″ (AutoCAD)

S1.4 Inside Drop Manhole  (AutoCAD)

S1.6 Manhole Frame with Vented Lid (AutoCAD)

S1.7 Manhole Frame with Self-Sealing Lid (AutoCAD)

S1.8 Manhole Frame with Solid Lid and Lock (AutoCAD)

S1.9 Manhole Step- Copolymer  (AutoCAD)

S1.10 Industrial Pretreatment Sampling Manhole  (AutoCAD)

S1.11 Doghouse Manhole (AutoCAD)

S2.1 Sanitary Sewer Trench Section  (AutoCAD)

S2.3 Creek Crossing- Aerial Type  (AutoCAD)

S2.4 Pier Support 95 KB (AutoCAD)

S3.1 Sewer Lateral Installation (AutoCAD)

S3.2 Dual Service Residential Lateral (AutoCAD)

S4.1 Commercial Sewer Service Installation  (AutoCAD)

S4.2 Residential Sewer Service Installation  (AutoCAD)

S4.3 Standard Connection to Sewers 12″ and Larger (AutoCAD)

S5.1 Lift Station Layout  (AutoCAD)

S5.1.1 Bar Screen Manhole Detail  (AutoCAD)

S5.1.2 Lift Station Detail  (AutoCAD)

S5.1.3 Valve Chamber Detail (AutoCAD)

S5.1.4 Wet Well Electric Detail (AutoCAD)

S5.1.5 Duplex Lift Station Control Panel General Layout (AutoCAD)

S5.1.6 Duplex Lift Station I/O List (AutoCAD)

S5.1.7 Lift Station Conduit Routing (AutoCAD)

S 5-1-8 Duplex Control Panel (1 of 7) (AutoCAD)

S 5-1-9 Duplex Control Panel (2 of 7) (AutoCAD)

S 5-1-10 Duplex Control Panel (3 of 7) (AutoCAD)

S 5-1-11 Duplex Control Panel (4 of 7) (AutoCAD)

S 5-1-12 Duplex Control Panel (5 of 7) (AutoCAD)

S 5-1-13 Duplex Control Panel (6 of 7) (AutoCAD)

S 5-1-14 Duplex Control Panel (7 of 7) (AutoCAD)

S5.2.1 Standard Force Main Access Manhole  (AutoCAD)

S5.2.2 Standard Force Main Low Point Manhole  (AutoCAD)

S5.2.3 Air Release Valve in Manhole  (AutoCAD)

S6.1 Standard Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) (AutoCAD)

S6.1.1 Standard Septic Tank Effluent Gravity (STEG) (AutoCAD)

S6.2 Typical Residential STEP Connection to a LPFM  (AutoCAD)

S6.2.1 Low Pressure Force Main (LPFM) Lateral Installation (AutoCAD)

S6.3 Typ. Res. STEP Connection to Small Diam Gravity Sewer  (AutoCAD)

S6.3.1 Small Diameter Gravity Sewer Lateral Installation  (AutoCAD)

S6.4 LPFM Flushing Connection Manhole  (AutoCAD)

S6.5 LPFM Flushing MH with Air Release Valve (AutoCAD)

S6.6 LPFM Terminal Manhole (AutoCAD)

S7.1 Gravity Grease Interceptor (AutoCAD)