Capacity Fees

System Capacity Charges and System Replacement Fees

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Rates are effective as of October 1, 2011.

Non-Residential SewerWater

User Class Non-Centralized Sewer Sewer Water
Single Family Residence $3,180 $3,340 $1,970
Single Family Residences include individual manufactured housing structures covered under section 3701-27 of the Ohio Administrative Code and designed for single family residential usage whether served by individual meters or by a master meter and multifamily residences within a single structure with separate ownership interest
Residential dwelling structures owned by a single entity that include three or more family units in the same structure (this does not include structures whose occupants are primarily transient in nature such as hotels/motels) shall pay a system capacity charge based on the number of bedrooms in each unit, in accordance with the following schedule:
One Bedroom: $1,400 $830
Two Bedroom: $1,990 $1,170
Three Bedroom: $2,670 $1,570
Assisted/Independent Living Facilities
Facilities utilized for independent living, assisted living, nursing care or convalescent care regardless of the number of dwelling units which provide both living space and community facilities for medical/skilled nursing care, food services and laundry services shall pay a system capacity fee equal to 50% of the capacity fee as determined by using the MultiFamily user classification plus 50% of the capacity fee as determined by using the Non-Residential user classification. The Bi-monthly minimum water and sewer use charges for this user class will be calculated in this same manner. This user class will not be subject to Seasonal Billings as defined in Schedule 4.
Structures not occupied or used as defined in the residential classification shall pay a system capacity charge based on the size of the water meter in accordance with the following schedule:
5/8″ x 3/4″ $4,450 $2,220
5/8″ x 3/4″ w/Food Service $4,900 $2,220
1″ $11,040 $5,510
1″ w/Food Service $12,150 $5,510
1-1/2″ $25,660 $12,800
1-1/2″ w/Food Service $28,230 $12,800
2″ $41,050 $20,480
2″ w/Food Service $45,160 $20,480
3″ $71,200 $35,520
3″ w/Food Service $78,320 $35,520
4″ $111,250 $55,500
4″ w/Food Service $122,380 $55,500
6″ $222,500 $111,000
6″ w/Food Service $244,750 $111,000
8″ $356,000 $177,600
8″ w/Food Service $391,600 $177,600


These charges and fees may not be changed or waived except by official legislative action by the Board of County Commissioners.

Any changes in user class may result in the recalculation of system capacity charges.

Payment of the applicable system capacity charge, and compliance with other applicable Rules and Regulations, authorizes the purchaser of the water/sewer permit to tap into the Clermont County Sewer District system for one year from the date of payment. If the tap(s) is/are not effected within one year, new permit application(s), together with all fees and charges required at the time of the new application, must be submitted. Fees and charges previously paid by the applicant, except water permit fees and sanitary sewer permit fees, will be credited toward the fees and charges due.

Public Water Supplier System Capacity Charges

“Public Water Supplier” means a person who owns or operates a “public water system” as defined in OAC 3745-81-021, that is also a “water works company” as defined in R.C.4905.03(A)(8), that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio or owned by a political subdivision. Public water supplier does not include a person who provides water solely or principally to mobile housing structures.

The system capacity charge for a public water supplier shall be based on the number of gallons of water that the public water supplier requests that the District reserve for it (“reserved capacity”), or the size of the public water supplier’s meter, whichever the customer chooses.

(1) Reserved capacity X $2.06
(2) Meter Size Fee Maximum Authorized Peak Daily Average Use
3″ $347,357 168,480
4″ $593,773 288,000
6″ $1,238,017 600,480
8″ $1,781,320 864,000
10″ $2,870,894 1,392,480
12″ $4,257,355 2,064,960

The amount of reserved capacity shall not be less than the number of gallons of water that the Clermont County Sewer District anticipates will be used by the public water supplier during peak use (referred to below as “peak daily average use” (“PDAU”). Peak daily average use shall be calculated by (1) determining the two-month billing cycle during the preceding calendar year when the customer’s total water use was highest, (2) dividing the number of gallons of water used during that cycle by the number of days in the cycle, and (3) adjusting the result to reflect any changes in the use of the public water supplier’s system since the previous peak use period.

The reservation of capacity does not guarantee that the amount of water reserved will be available at all times. A public water supplier is subject to all applicable rules of the Clermont County Sewer District, and has the same rights and interests in District water as other user classes.

If a public water supplier exceeds its reserved capacity, the PDAU for the preceding year or its maximum authorized PDAU by 10% or more, the public water supplier shall pay additional system capacity charges that reflect the increased usage.

If a public water supplier’s PDAU exceeds the maximum PDAU authorized for the meter size by 10% or more, the public water supplier shall upsize its meter to accommodate its PDAU.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, a public water supplier may not exceed its reserved capacity or maximum PDAU by 10% or more without authorization by legislative action of the Board of County Commissioners.

Public Water Supplier Usage Fees

The per gallon usage fee for a public water supplier shall be the same as the lowest usage fee in effect at the time of usage. For the first five years after the public water supplier’s first use of water, the usage fee shall be 80% of the reserved capacity or actual consumption, whichever is greater. Thereafter, usage water fees shall be based on actual consumption.