Customer Service

Welcome to the Customer Service Division for the Clermont County Water Resources Department.

Our team consists of five Customer Service Representative’s with a combined total of 40 years of experience solely dedicated to the Water Resources Customer Service Department. We support nearly 44,000 customers which include a combination of residential households, and commercial and industrial establishments throughout Clermont County, Ohio.

Our knowledgeable team is looking forward to serving you with any questions or suggestions you may have pertaining to water, sewer, irrigation systems, billing or general Customer Service inquiries.

This Customer Service Department takes pride in providing exceptional, centralized service to our customers. In addition to direct and indirect customer contact through our physical office and telephone service, here are some of the “behind the scenes” functions that our office is responsible for:

Our Customer Service Representatives also act as liaisons between the Customer Service Department and other County Departments. This includes working with other local resources to increase customer resolutions and to strengthen our partnerships in our communities. With this in mind, it increases our opportunity to successfully satisfy our customers, who are very important to us. Our goal in Customer Service is to be accessible and responsive in an efficient and timely manner. Our team strives to communicate with courtesy and respect to our customer’s needs. We aim to use our resources, manpower, time, space, material and funds in the most efficient and effective manner to benefit our customers, community, preserve our water supplies and help keep rate increases at a minimum. Each employee in Customer Service acts as an advocate for the customer in maximizing your service experience.

Some recent enhancements to our Department include:

We look forward to assisting our customers and we want you to be assured, that we will continue to work, educate and act on ways to continue improving every aspect of customer service.